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Working with Christina changed my life – for the better.

I enthusiastically recommend her. Why? Because she is highly skilled while being infinitely curious and open-minded about how the body heals. Her friendly, professional manner provides a safe atmosphere for healing.


Magnets work. Christina is an exceptional healer. Best of all, she is innovative, a great listener and fully capable of exploring the mystery that is your illness.


I was a “challenging case” and we worked together for 1 and ½ years. When I met her, I was sick, tired and in chronic pain. Today I am energetic, full of life, pain-free and excited about my future!


As a person with Late Stage Lyme Disease (35 years), I suffered from many of the advanced stages of chronic infection, mold illness, chronic migraines, fibromyalgia (chronic pain), digestive problems, the list goes on and on.

I credit Christina with helping me get my life back.

H. Hartmann

"I came to this therapy at a dead end, with no clear diagnosis but suffering. I had goals in my life I wanted to achieve but felt like there was no way I would feeling the way I did. I had a hard time fulfilling my obligations at work and at home and had no energy to take care of myself. I felt like my feet were in mud just dragging along. Prior,  I was active, motivated, and happy. I gracefully and with little effort managed a busy nursing job with long hours, my home, and mothering three kids. Then at some point, I could no longer handle the stress of my job, my body hurt and I was often short with my family. With pain in multiple joints, fatigue, digestive issues, depression, lack of motivation, very poor sleep, weight gain and days that I could barely get out of bed, it was like I had aged 10 years in only a matter of months. 

In the beginning, I turned to my primary care doctor with no success. I saw a gastroenterologist, a rheumatologist, and a naturopath. Lyme tests were negative, markers for inflammation negative, and all diagnostics for autoimmune disorders clear. This left me with a whole host of symptoms that were not getting better with no clear answers and worse, no treatment plan.  I was not ready to accept the “there is nothing wrong and nothing we can do about” answer I got from my medical team. I refused to believe it was in my head and that I was at the end of the line. That this would be my life now. 

It was Christina sharing her life-changing experience with the Lyme Magnetic Protocol that lead me to the last leg of a very long path to being symptom-free today and the best version of me I have ever been. At this point I was hopeless and having tried everything I could think of with no improvement, I had nothing to lose, so I decided to start treatment. After just one treatment session I saw a marked difference, but I wasn’t totally sold. Wanting to give it a good try, I stuck with it and I'm really glad I did. To date, I have had about 5 months of treatment and am now totally symptom-free. I have a full-time nursing position and I'm starting graduate school. I don’t remember the last time a stayed in bed all day or had joint pain. I have the energy to make it to the end of the day without wanting to collapse. As a direct result of starting treatment, I got my life back and hope for a bright and active life with many great years ahead. I wholeheartedly endorse this therapy as well as Christina as a practitioner and recommend it to anyone that can’t find answers but want to get their life back and feel at their very best again." 

-D. Gebert, RN  

Even though I had done 4 weeks of antibiotics to address my Lyme symptoms, I still had lingering aches and knew the spirochete were still in my system.  I’m almost done with my treatments and have a greater sense of peace knowing that the sessions are working.  The treatments speak for themselves when you stick with it.  Working with Christina is a treat.  She’s professional, attentive, stands in her knowing the power of this work, is very resourceful to address other needs that arise, and….is fun to be with.

-Maritza Luz Vega, CMT, M.Div. 

Christina Sheppard’s biomagnetic pair therapy has helped me SO much in my journey to wellness after years of chronic lyme and mysterious symptoms that I couldn’t figure out the cause of, let alone resolve, with any other practitioner. Her work has been very comforting because of the comprehensive nature of the muscle testing in the first sessions, which gives you a big picture view of the factors affecting your health. And then each element, co-infection or toxicity factor can be addressed with the magnets in the order that the body will handle it best.  Christina is incredibly neutral and accurate in her kinesiology skills.  I’ve lost track of how many times she’s come up with spot-on answers that are later corroborated in other ways.  I’m eternally grateful for her help and kindness, and for this year of treatment which has given me back my quality of life.....what a huge gift!  I cant recommend her highly enough!

J. Karras

"This magnetic therapy has not only given me answers to questions about my health,  it's providing a great amount of relief as well.  As the  layers of chronic discomfort are uncovered a little more each session I feel better and better each time, this is actually the greatest I have physically felt in my life. The congestion in my face is gone. Persistent ear aches since childhood have started to dissipate, and the heart flutters I've always had are far less frequent. Give this treatment a try, you wont regret it."

-L. Torres-Pena

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