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I went from being an active full-time-working mother of two, to being functionally disabled in less than six months.


I had a crew of 6 specialists (I hesitate to call them a team), each doctor looking at me through their narrow lens and none seeing the big picture.  At 44, I was rapidly going blind in one eye, had widespread osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I had migraines that lasted for days, nerve pain that woke me up at night and brain fog like you read about. I found it difficult to type on a computer, safely drive a car, maintain a conversation or keep my train of thought. Reading a book was out of the question, I couldn’t even follow a recipe.


I was given diagnoses and labels for my symptoms and was offered plenty of pharmaceuticals I couldn’t tolerate, but no one could tell me what was behind my health issues let alone how to get better. I’ve had a few tick bites, but Lyme disease never occurred to me.  In fact, I might have never gone to see a Lyme Magnetic Protocol practitioner if it wasn’t for my daughter. 


My daughter had an embedded tick at age 7, but with no rash, fever or adverse reaction from what we could tell, we didn’t really worry about it. At 15, she suddenly developed extreme anxiety, suffering debilitating panic attacks multiple times a day. This went on for months, she couldn’t attend school and we were at the end of our rope when we stumbled upon the Lyme Magnetic Protocol.  After her first session, I saw such a remarkable improvement I knew we were in the right place. Fast forward several months and she was pretty much back to her old self.  When I saw what it did for her, I considered what it might do for me and dove right in.


This therapy answered long sought after questions about my health AND provided a path to recovery. It’s been a very enlightening and validating experience. As each session peeled off another layer of this illness, over time many of my symptoms have either eased way up or disappeared entirely. I feel better now than I have in many years. I’ve gotten my life back and my brain back, and am happy to help you do the same.


I love working with each client to get at the root causes of their health challenges, it's always a fascinating discovery process. I look forward to working with you!


Christina Sheppard

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